i Realty Philosophy

Buying or selling a home is large financial commitment and most likely the largest transaction you will make in your lifetime. Our goal is to make the entire process simple and straightforward to ease your stress and allow you to make informed decisions.
What to Expect as a Buyer
Buying a home can be complicated. Whether you are a seasoned homeowner, or a first-time homebuyer, we will take the time to ensure that you understand every step of the process.
If you are a new client, we like to have an introductory meeting so we can learn more about what you are looking for. It is very important to discuss and define your needs so that we can help guide you in the right direction and save precious time and energy. Based on our discussions, together we will develop a set of rules or criteria from which to search for property and begin the search for an appropriate home.
On our first tour together, we'll take a look at what is currently on the market and refine any criteria that may have changed based on what we see. Our goal during this time is to learn more about your tastes and styles - sometimes it's easier to show us what you like than describe it in words. If we don't find a house that you like, we will continue to monitor the market and watch for new homes that are a fit with your needs and wants. Ongoing, we will preview properties and suggest properties for you to view until we find the one that you will call home.
Once you find a house you like, we will walk you through home inspections, negotiations and ensure that you understand every step of the process. We want your biggest concern to be where to put the new furniture! No matter how long it takes, we will help you find a property that you are proud and excited to call home.
What to Expect as a Seller 
Whether you have already decided to sell your home, or you are just starting to think about moving, it is helpful for us to be involved early on. Do you know the saying, "there is never a second chance to make a first impression"? Your home is no exception. One of the most important things you can do to ensure a quick and high priced sale is to get your home in tip-top shape and we will help you do just that. 
During our first visit to your home, we will take a tour of your home, noting features or upgrades that make it unique. This is also your opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with us - we want to know what you think is special.
If you are moving, we will also discuss your expectations and goals: Do you need a bigger house? A smaller one? Are you leaving Portland? All of this information will help us to better serve you as we work together.
Then, in a follow-up visit, we will review data with you pertaining to other homes in the neighborhood. We will look at houses that have recently sold, houses that are under contract, and we will also look at what is currently on the market. We will give you our professional opinions about the price of your home and we will discuss all of the options. In addition, we will discuss any repairs or enhancements that may make your house more attractive to prospective buyers. You always have the final decisions, but it is our job to guide you along the way.