Client Testimonials

My wife and I met Ilyse a year ago at an open house. We were then working with another realtor, but were so impressed by her that we made the decision to enter a working relationship with her, when the time came for us to begin our search for a new home, in earnest. A few months ago, our search began and it resulted in our being able to purchase and move into a house in Portland that we are quite pleased with. For those, who contend that realtors are unnecessary and that the process can be handled by utilizing the internet, I say “poppycock”. In every step of the process, Ilyse's contribution was essential. The process wasn’t easy. My wife (and I) are up in age and we were quite particular in what we were looking for, in the neighborhoods that we like, as well as with homes in our price range. The pickings were limited, but she was able to locate numerous properties for us to visit and, no less, had suggestions for properties that we should skip. We eventually found one that was for consideration. An offer was made, based on her assessment that the property was a bit overpriced. It was turned down; another offer that was more favorable to us, a couple of weeks later, was made, and this was accepted. Then, what followed was a couple of months of inspections, serious bickering with the sellers, and a myriad of hurdles and obstacles, needing to be addressed. At every step along the way – including after we moved in - Ilyse had answers and suggestions that were right-on and allowed us to move forward. Not only was her knowledge exceptional, but whenever anything “needed” to be done, she took care of it, promptly and effectively; and, throughout, kept us informed of every nuance that popped up. Now that we have been in our new residence for a few days, we are getting settled, friends and relatives are visiting to let us know what a fine choice we made, and we are slowly making it a home. For as long as we live here, we will have a reminder of what Ilyse did for us and she will be remembered and appreciated.
Don B. | Home Buyer

Ilyse is professional, a good listener, and takes time to discuss parts of the transaction at length. She is very time-efficient, which is important in synthesizing large amounts of information. She is timely in her updates, and when it comes time to negotiate, she is a master negotiator and communicator. She had solutions to our questions and strategies for addressing the difficult things that came up throughout the purchase of our new home. There were many unexpected aspects to our purchase, and she handled them all with ease, was reassuring, and led us to a result in the purchase of our home with which we felt very satisfied. She is soooo good at what she does, and I wouldn't consider ever using a different agent. We love our new house and location! Would highly recommend her to anyone!
Karli D. | Home Buyer

Ilyse did a great job presenting herself as a top notch prospect to get our condo sold. She had wonderful, well prepared data on her sales, her background, and a list of things she was willing to do to get the property ready for the market. She was knowledgeable, professional and listened to our concerns in detail. My husband and I felt instantly confident in her abilities and hired her the next day. Ilyse's shrewd expertise in getting our house staged was a BIG FACTOR in getting traffic through our condo! She put our furniture together in ways we hadn't thought of and the resulting pictures uploaded on line were
OUTSTANDING. At the end of the day, she was a superior negotiator. We had a back up to a cash offer, and that party kept nipping at the offer on the table, so we were able to close in 3 weeks!!! From start to finish, Ilyse was the consummate real estate professional. She is extremely talented staging the property, collecting data on selling trends in the neighborhood, following up on leads, and communicating offers (and offering advice when asked) all while remaining cheerful and upbeat (even when it seemed interest in our condo had stalled). We sure had our fair share of ups and downs, and blocks from the HOA, but Ilyse kept her eyes on the objective - the sale. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone buying or
selling a home; she is da BOMB!
Michelle M. | Home Seller

I hardly know where to begin talking about Ilyse. From our first meeting until well after we had relocated to another state, Ilyse gave freely of herself, both professionally and personally, to ensure our experience was as smooth as possible. From the beginning of the process, Ilyse proved herself extremely knowledgeable about every step that needed to be taken, from recommendations about curb appeal and interior colors to rules and regulations regarding things such as decommissioning buried oil tanks. On her own time, she stopped by to offer encouragement and bring packing and moving supplies. When I balked at some of her suggestions, she was gentle but firm, utterly confident that the advice she was dispensing was correct, as it always proved to be. She guided us through the entire process with great skill and when we were ready to relocate, her service didn't end. She helped us locate a real estate agent in our new state that proved to be a good match for us; then followed up with us to be sure we were satisfied with the service we received from our new agent. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Anyone choosing to use Ilyse gets more than 100% excellent service.

Kathy D. | Home Seller

Ilyse was recommended to us and we were so glad that we chose her to list our home. She was incredibly helpful at all points, both in selling our home and in choosing another. She knows the market well, knows a great deal about structural and cosmetic details, and was able to provide multiple recommendations. We sold our home for much more than we had anticipated, and due to her negotiation skills we were able to purchase our current home for much less than we would have offered on our own. Ilyse continues to be helpful in providing information about ways to save money and has contacts for contractors, even though it has been well over a year since our transactions closed. We have referred Ilyse many times and will continue to do so. She went above and beyond in every single way!
Lynne H. | Home Seller & Buyer

Ilyse did an incredible job in selling our home. We perused multiple reviews of local agents before narrowing our search to three candidates who we felt would be the best fit. We greatly appreciated Ilyse's attention to detail, knowledge of the local real estate market, suggestions on getting our home ready to sell, and her wise advice. She also was very responsive at all times. Despite going on the market during a big snow storm, we received multiple offers and our home sold very quickly. We had already moved out of state and had complete confidence in her ability to oversee all details, which she did well. We highly recommend her.

Rachel H. | Home Seller

Ilyse was great to work with. ..I swear she never sleeps! Very knowledgeable and she gave great tips and advice on selling our house, as well as going above and beyond in getting us into our current house. I highly recommend her!

Jake M. | Home Seller & Buyer

I've already recommended Ilyse to several folks, some who are looking to buy and some who are trying to sell. Ilyse helped me buy my first home. From the beginning of our time working together she helped think critically of the things I wanted in a home. Once I had my list, she helped me evaluate homes against my criteria, pointing out when things could be easily changed or updated. The home buying process can be frustrating, but Ilyse helped me through it, and when it came to negotiations she was great. Within three months of working in with her, I had closed on a house that met my top criteria and was well within my budget. Ilyse knows the Portland market and is a great partner in the home buying process.

Allison M. | Home Buyer

Ilyse was such a pleasure to work with. We were first time home buyers and everyone was telling us how we were going to dread working with real estate agents, however we were completely amazed with how knowledgeable Ilyse was and easy she was to talk to. Ilyse made it clear from the beginning that she wanted to help us find a place that was everything we wanted and not just within our price range. From the day we met Ilyse, it only took her 2 months to find us the perfect home and close on it. We have now happily been living in our home for a few months now and Ilyse continues to check up on us from time to time and we continue to tell people what a great experience it was working with her. We would recommend Ilyse to anyone seeking a honest, easy going, hardworking real estate agent.

Travis C. | Home Buyer

I've had the pleasure of working with Ilyse Ball on two separate occasions. Both times she went, what I consider, above and beyond in helping to guide and advise me on the best decision possible. Her personable nature, her accessibility and level of expertise and knowledge was absolutely what I wanted in a Realtor. Ilyse Ball was wonderful to work with and I recommend anyone reading this in need of a Realtor to contact her.

Shawn M. | Home Seller & Buyer

Ilyse really came through with our closing on our first house and saved us over $20k. With a competitive housing market, she was invaluable. We used her to buy our second property, which was an apartment complex, and she also saved us $50k on that building. Can't say enough good things about her work ethic and responsiveness to get the job done.

Andrew A. | Home Buyer
Ilyse represented us very well. She always took the time to talk and answer questions, and exhibited great patience with us through the process. She will not let you down!

Carrie C. | Home Buyer
Ilyse is on the ball! She helps her clients anticipate what's next as new and potentially confusing situations come up. For example, the winter after having bought our home, she sent us an extra copy of paperwork that would be useful during tax preparations. She has lots of great connections for home repairs, which are useful during bidding time as well as once a purchased home is ready for repairs. Ilyse listens, and her words are always thoughtful. She is punctual, yet patient. She has a keen sense of value, and advocates aggressively for her clients - how lucky they are!

T. M. | Home Buyer
Ilyse helped us buy a new home last year, and she was incredible. She was very patient with us (we had a few bumps along the road) until we finally found a house. Once we settled on one, she did a fantastic job negotiating the final house price and taking care of everything during the closing. We'd totally use her again (and will, if she's still around when we buy/sell again) and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Jorge M. & Carol C. | Home Buyer
Ilyse is the second real estate agent I have worked with from start to finish. She helped me in purchasing a second home to be used as a rental income property. She was extremely familiar with the SE Portland area as well as other PDX metro areas. She was extremely helpful in guiding me as a first time investor. She helped me to see things through the eyes of an investor, as opposed to just a home owner. This helped me to focus on the more important aspects and minimize some things that I may have otherwise been hung up on. I did quite a bit of homework by doing drive-bys of many houses before requesting a showing, but she was extremely responsive to showing requests, and all correspondence for that matter...whether via email, text or phone. She was also very helpful in coordinating things like inspections, repair estimates and keeping me updated on the process. She definitely helped minimize the stress. She was even able to work with the title company to make sure I was able to sign before going out of town. We actually closed while I was in another state and I couldn't have felt more comfortable knowing that Ilyse was keeping a handle on everything. She even stopped by the house after closing while we were working on the house to see how things were going. I would definitely recommend her to others and would work with her again.

Darren S. | Home Buyer
Ilyse saved us tens of thousands of dollars on our dream home in a very competitive market. She was steadfast in her recommendations, masterful in the negotiation, and was right on in her assessments each time. She continues to keep in touch and answer questions for us a year after the transaction was completed. We have recommended her to our close friends and will continue to do so.

Nicolas C. | Home Buyer
Ilyse was a dream to work with! She was extremely knowledgeable and was very patient in walking us through all of the stressful details. Ilyse is very attentive, detail oriented, confident, and practical. All things that really matter when you're looking to buy and/or sell a home! We felt as though we were her only clients at the time we were selling and buying and I KNOW that was not the case. I would highly recommend Ilyse Ball!

Sarah S. | Home Seller & Buyer
Ilyse has such an extensive knowledge of the Portland and surrounding neighborhoods it is beyond helpful. She also made sure to listen to what my needs were and give opinions when asked, but ultimately supports what I wanted. As an agent, I was very impressed with her professionalism, persistence and knowledge for my needs as a seller and buyer.

Jen P. | Home Seller & Buyer
Ilyse Ball seemed to be upfront with us, and shared her knowledge, from day one. She endeavored to answer our questions, objectively, without trying to lead us, one way or the other. Ilyse was accessible and punctual every time we wished to view a house. Her escrow and closing experience and service suggestions helped ease our minds and decision-making. The service providers she recommended gave good to great results. We would be happy to work with Ilyse, again.

Daniel L. | Home Buyer
Ilyse is a rock star. Finding a house in Sellwood that I could afford to buy proved to be a challenge as most houses in my price point are fixer uppers. But with Ilyse's help I found a house and wrote an offer that was accepted. Ilyse went above and beyond to negotiate a really good deal all the way around. She is definitely a skilled negotiator. I really felt like she had my back through the whole process. I highly recommend her as she's honest, motivated and very skilled at negotiation.

Laurette L. | Home Buyer
Ilyse was patient and understanding from the beginning of our home buying adventure, it took us well over 9 months starting from the first day we started to look at houses to the day we moved into our home. The whole time she was very helpful, not to mention we got our house for 203k when listed price was 259k!!! Ilyse was very proactive in getting things done that I wasn't able to while I was working a busy schedule. Highly recommended! Will definitely contact Ilyse for our next purchase.

Sulong W. | Home Buyer
We met Ilyse and she did a consult with us a full four years before we actually decided to sell our house. In that entire time she's kept in contact with us. She is one of the smartest, easiest, most professional, simply delightful people we've ever had the pleasure to work with. She will give you advice that is right for you and your goals, even if it means she waits for four years for you to go to market :) You will not find anyone as knowledgeable, responsive, easy to be with as Ilyse.

Lori G. | Home Seller
Ilyse Ball did a fantastic job marketing our house. She helped us price it just right so that we were the right product at the right price at the right time. She staged it very well with the furnishings we had, kept on top of the offers as they came in, and kept the closing date on target. I highly recommend her agency.

Annemarie R. | Home Seller
Let's begin by saying that we worked with 2 realtors BEFORE we began working with Ilyse. We liked each of those realtors but each was lacking in some aspect. Likable and personable but inexperienced, or experienced but disconnected. Portland's real estate market is merciless. MERCILESS. We had placed offers on 7 different homes, but did not get them. We were ready to quit. We had little hope and zero enthusiasm. Over the course of our home-buying misadventures, Ilyse's name came up in conversation many times. Friends had heard good things. Colleagues and acquaintances suggested we reach out to her. We wonder now what we waited for. Because of Ilyse and her professionalism, honesty, encouragement, diligence, and integrity, we have the home we want in the neighborhood we wanted. We needed someone to help us navigate through the home-buying process. We believed at every step that she was working on our behalf at all times. She was encouraging while being realistic. She knows the ropes. She stood up for us; what we wanted and what we needed. Particularly during negotiations for our purchase when things seemed tricky and tenuous, we felt secure in her leadership and advice. When we asked for her honest opinion, we got it, helping us to make the right decisions. It is because of Ilyse Ball that our family has the house we needed and home we wanted. We would never buy or sell a home with anyone else.

Chris T. | Home Buyer
Ilyse was knowledgeable, effective and on top of things when it came to selling my home. She had mapped out a great plan and ensured the staging, photos, and process was exceptional to get my place sold quickly and at a great price!

Amanda B. | Home Seller
I have used many different agents in the past -- working with Ilyse has been a breath of fresh air.

Ben B. | Home Buyer
Working with Ilyse made the entire home buying and selling process as painless as possible. Her expertise in pricing and staging helped to sell our home quickly in a slow market. On the buying side, she was very patient and helpful as we explored various neighborhoods and types of homes in the Portland area.

Bob G. | Home Seller & Buyer
Ilyse is a top-notch Realtor. She's smart, savvy, fair, knowledgeable and works extremely hard for you. She's a great people person -- she's universally likable and really understands people and their goals. And she's not a high-pressure salesperson -- she takes the time to make sure you understand all aspects of the process and that you get what you're looking for. I'd recommend her highly.

Kelly Y. | Home Seller & Buyer
We worked with Ilyse when we were looking to buy a house in SE Portland. We couldn't be happier with the result: she helped us navigate a very competitive sellers market to the purchase of a home in our price range that met our needs. The process, from search, to offers, to negotiations to close was seamless. Ilyse is thorough, transparent, responsive, organized, and very in touch with the local market. Her advice was spot on, and she is a good advocate and negotiator. My expectations were exceeded.

Ben C. | Home Buyer
Ilyse was very helpful, professional, knowledgeable and patient. We were first time buyers with little knowledge on the steps needed to complete the process that without her would have been very arduous.

Sara F. | Home Buyer
I have worked with agents several times and she is the best. She listens to what you want and takes the time to make sure that you are not wasting yours looking at houses that don't meet your standards.

Jill S. | Home Buyer
Ilyse and I met through my email request for information on a home. We immediately hit it off and began the search for my home. Ilyse was attentive to my needs and wants and location of where I desired to purchase a home. It did not take Ilyse long to find the home I was looking for. Ilyse is a professional and easy to work with, she loves to laugh and has a wonderful personality. She is highly recommended for your home search needs!

Loretta C. | Home Seller & Buyer
I recently bought my first house--an exciting but scary, daunting process. I started working with Ilyse over a year before I found the house. She was extremely patient with me and spent a lot of time educating me about the neighborhoods and different kinds of houses until we refined what I really wanted in a home. Eventually, she could send me specific houses she thought suited my needs and tastes. In fact, the house I did eventually buy, Ilyse sent me and I initially did not want to see it. Well, she knew better and made me see it anyway and I walked in and knew in two seconds that it was home. I thought the bulk of her work was done at that point but oh no...she walked me through inspections, negotiations, and all the final steps to a home purchase. Her insight and professionalism helped me immensely along the way and made the process very smooth. Such a hard-working, devoted, thoughtful real estate professional! I will recommend her to everyone and would absolutely use her in the future!!

Blair T. | Home Buyer
I would highly recommend Ilyse to anyone looking to buy or sell a house. We recently had the pleasure of working with Ilyse in purchasing our first home. Not only was she incredibly informative and clearly on top of her game, but she sincerely understood our parameters and needs. She was always available to help us navigate through whatever arose throughout the entire process - be it a personal decision, a business /financial inquiry, or any number of the challenges that arise throughout the home buying process. In today's extremely fast paced and "click-view-offer" real estate market, it is essential to work with an agent who is savvy, knowledgeable, personable, efficient, and can balance professional strategy with personal and sensitive needs. Ilyse was all of these things and more. She is, without doubt, the person you want on your side in today's exciting and aggressive market. A-list all around.

John S. | Home Buyer
Ilyse did an amazing job as our realtor. She helped us find a home that we love and helped our offer get to the top of the pile. We were buying during a crazy time and houses were going pending two days after being listed. She helped us navigate when and how to make an offer and gave great advice on the riskier moves (ladder offers, making an offer sight unseen).

Kate S. | Home Buyer
Ilyse was highly recommended by my mortgage broker and I couldn't have asked for a better agent. She listened carefully to my wish list and found the best matches out there to show me. Everything about the experience was highly professional. I felt free to call or email with questions any time and she always responded promptly and never made me feel like a bother. There were some tricky aspects of the sale that Ilyse deftly guided me through. I ended up buying a house in Sellwood, a neighborhood I had not even considered at first, and I am thrilled with the house I got. And Ilyse helped me negotiate a good deal on the costs. She has also been very helpful since the purchase, sharing names and contact information for repairs and maintenance. Finally, Ilyse is a smart, charming and warm person to interact with and it was a real pleasure to work with her.

J. C. | Home Buyer
Ilyse Ball is, in my opinion, the best Realtor in Portland. When I finally found the house for sale that I could afford and that wasn't total junk, we had to deal with a landlord that didn't care and tenants that did everything they could not to move out. Because of an oversight on the part of the former owner's eviction notice, I was facing homelessness for at least a few months between leaving my old apartment and moving into this new house. No other Realtor would have put in the extra effort required to help me get into my home as quickly as she did. She always answered every single call and every e-mail, and did so with the utmost urgency, and helped me ease my fears of the home buying process. I know she did not make much money off of the purchase of my home but she treated me the same as if I was buying a million dollar home!

Ken B. | Home Buyer
Ilyse is a great listener -- she took time to find out what type of home we wanted and could afford so we didn't waste time looking at houses or neighborhoods we didn't like. Throughout the entire process, Ilyse was professional, level-headed and was able to calm our anxiety. She really knows the real estate market and we trust her advice. We will definitely use Ilyse again!

Dan C. | Home Buyer
Ilyse is everything I could have wanted in a Realtor. My needs were her only motivation, and when it's time to look for another new house, I won't hesitate to renew our relationship. Ilyse offered sage advice, up-to-date info on market trends and neighborhood data, impeccable paperwork and punctual appointments. She is patient, informative, and a calming presence in a storm of housing information, questions, and the routine potential disasters that come with buying a home. I would hire Ilyse again in a heartbeat and don't hesitate a bit to give her my highest recommendation. What a treat to find someone so skilled and knowledgeable who will work for you. It's rare to find integrity, drive and skill so finely matched.

Mark R. | Home Seller & Buyer
I am so happy to recommend Ilyse Ball to anyone who is looking to buy or wanting to sell a home. I knew from the moment I met Ilyse at an open house that this was someone who I would want to work with. Even though I was not planning to purchase a home at the moment, I chatted with Ilyse and took her business card, writing "very impressive" on the card as a note to myself to separate her from the myriad of other brokers I had seen in many open houses. When the time came to select a realtor, I knew immediately that I would want Ilyse representing my family. I was so impressed with her throughout the entire process. Even though Ilyse had other potential buyers and sellers that she was working with, I always felt like I was the only one. She was consistently prompt in returning any inquires that I had, and she was simply amazing at scheduling appointments for me to view homes. Where I was wanting to purchase a home, time was of the essence, and Ilyse always got me in to the see the house right when it was listed. A true highlight of working with Ilyse was her knowledge of the houses that we were viewing. Looking inside and outside of a home was like a little adventure. Her knowledge (and handy skills) provided me an education that I felt such comfort hearing all that she had to say about the house. And I truly valued her honest opinions. She listened to what my family's needs were and my style, and there were several occasions where we walked into a lovely home, but she confidently said, "This doesn't seem to be a good fit for you." I never felt she was trying to make an easy sale. Ilyse was wonderful from beginning to end. From the moment you meet her, you will feel at ease with her gentle confidence and throughout the negotiating process you will say to yourself like I did, "I have a leg up in this whole thing because I have Ilyse Ball at my side."

Julie H. | Home Buyer
I think Ilyse is a brilliant realtor--top of the line. As I was selling my home in Southern California, I corresponded with Ilyse Ball who became my realtor. She wisely told me not to select a home in Portland, Oregon until my home was in escrow. I told her exactly what I wanted in Portland and she kept those requirements in mind as she viewed houses as they came on the market. I have family in Portland and she would tell them of what she found. Not until I had packed and shipped all my belongings to a storage unit in Portland, did she find my perfect-for-me home. My family saw it, said "Go for it" and I did. My home has all I asked for--absolutely charming! But Ilyse does not stop there. She arranged for all the inspections necessary, listed people I might need to make the home more perfect. And also had a list of all the utilities I need.

S. W. | Home Buyer
Ilyse helped at every step along the way and made it absolutely painless. Buying a house is always a trying experience, but with Ilyse it was easy and fun! She knew how to deal with everything that came up and there weren't any surprises! Pleasure to work with her and if I move I know who I will be calling!!

Alex W. | Home Buyer
I had a wonderful experience working with Ilyse. She was very responsive and committed to making sure I got a fair price. She is also incredibly knowledgeable not only about the housing market in Portland but about everything that's required to get from making the decision to buy to moving in. Best of all, she didn't just disappear after the closing paperwork was signed; I can always count on her for informed answers to housing-related questions. I'm confident I'll work with her again the next time I'm looking to buy or sell a home.

Monica R. | Home Buyer
Ilyse's expertise is second to none. I have worked with Ilyse on 2 real estate deals. Not only is she knowledgeable and professional, she is sensible and comforting. She is extremely thorough, a very pleasant person and very professional. Ilyse is by far the best Realtor we have ever encountered and we remain forever grateful that we found her. I would recommend her to anyone that needs to buy or sell a home.

Jeannie K. | Home Seller & Buyer